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The power of fragrance!

Fragrance has the power to change our mood and evoke emotions due to its ability to influence our brain.The unique connection in the brain where scent, emotion, memories and associations are processed. As such, since the brain controls the body, fragrance can enhance feelings of well being by triggering the body to relax, elevate spirits and to feel less stressed.

This is one of the main reasons I personally adore all home fragrance products. The ambience that they bring to any space. They have the wonderful power to reignite fond memories of the most special moments in our lives. 

A good fragrance, therefore, is composed of notes that are designed to direct and target these emotions. Some, like sandalwood, elicit feelings of calm, while others such as vanilla might leave you feeling warm and sensual. Understanding which smells conjure which feelings is a great way to know which fragrance to choose. 

Here are 7 fragrance notes that are well know for their ability to evoke well being. 


Taken from the pod of an orchid-like plant, vanilla is traditionally seen as an aphrodisiac. 

Whether natural or synthetic, vanilla is a key ingredient for a lot of fragrances and is most commonly found in the sweeter gourmand fragrances. The scent itself is round, warm and sweet—it helps you relax as it can give a feeling of a warm hug.”


Extracted from parasitic plants that grow on trees, sandalwood was used for centuries by the Ancient Arabs as the base for incense and used in many spiritual traditions in India. “It is known in Asia to bring balance and harmony to the mind, and bring back focus.”


The bergamot orange grows on a small tree, the citrus bergamia, which blossoms in winter. While incredibly sour and bitter to taste, it is often used in fragrances for its sweeter smelling citrus aroma.

Bergamot is one of our favorite citruses because the scent is so complex with a touch of ‘earl grey tea’ about it. It’s fresh, zesty and sparkling so it's perfect when you need a shot of energy and to bring back positive thoughts. Popular within aromatherapy, bergamot essential oil can be used to help with depression and anxiety.


There are more than 200 species of jasmine, among which is the prized jasminum grandiflorum.

“Jasmine is considered one of the key ingredients in fragrance making. “The jasmine scent could be a fragrance on its own; it's fresh, green, creamy and opulent. It's perfect to bring your confidence levels up, and give you a power posture. 


Pink pepper

Taken from the pepper tree common to Brazil and Peru, pink pepper is often used in fragrances to add freshness and an element of spice. Its scent is spicy and floral, and more subtle than black pepper.

White musk

Musk has been used in fragrances for generations. It brings about an air of freshness, while preserving the scent of other ingredients.

“It can be described as light and cottony. It's the ultimate feel-good ingredient to make you feel calm and less anxious.”


Nuttier than vanilla, but with that same sweetness, almond is a popular ingredient for fragrances. “It's so milky and sweet, and brings a lot of creaminess to the fragrance. It's also considered as one of the typical scents of childhood, so it's perfect to take you back in time.”